Personal Mindset Improvement Tip #1

07 Jul

Understanding Your Moods

Self awareness is a difficult skill to master. There’s a reason so many people go to therapy to help them with this diagnostic skill. However, for the mindful person it is just a matter of practice. 

Take note of your moods during different times of day. Write down your mood at different intervals. Pay attention to what you were just doing and what you are about to do. Note things like the weather outside and the type of food you are eating. This process will take a few weeks but the more specific your notes, the more precision in the outcome.

You might find that you really aren’t the morning person you imagine yourself to be. Or that a type of food makes you tired. It could be as simple as that afternoon program you love sucks all your energy.

Knowing your moods is key to conquering them. This will keep you from emotional eating or taking out frustrations on a loved one. Don’t let your emotions control you, control them instead.


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