Intro to Body Language Mastery

06 Jan

There are many types of communication and  a person’s body language can indicate more things than the spoken word. Learning to understand body language can be very beneficial both in the work environment and in social situations. Body language reveals personal feelings and reactions to other people’s feelings. 

Many people use this form of the unspoken word to make judgment calls which has proven to be a very effective way of getting and giving information. When meeting someone for the first time, it is beneficial to read their body language signals to assess either the person or situation.

The art of body language is constantly being exchanged and interpreted between people on different levels of alternative communication. However, one must be aware that some people have mastered the art of manipulation and the best way to manipulate another is through body language.

While you are  busy reading the body language of those you are interacting with, they are at the same time  reading your body language. People who make it a habit of reading body language always have the advantage over any situation therefore,  having some knowledge on this subject would be beneficial.

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